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The sweets, beer, and alkalinity of the sperm all added up to disturbed mucosal pH. Besides the post-sex douche, Janes doctor advised her to practice impeccable sexual hygiene (clean hands, mouth and genitals before retiring), to maintain regular bowel elimination, clean her diaphgram properly (in a dilute vinegar soak for 6 hours after Free Slideshow Naked Mature Tubes And Hot Slideshow Mature Fuck Videos use) and to cut way back on beer and sugary foods.

In addition, Jane was advised homelses avoid dairy products, which irritate mucous membranes, and any other known food allergens. This is a ovet separate topic, but if you suspect that homelezs foods produce bad reactions be advised that this warrants exploring. Chronically ingesting foods that are not properly digested is a drag on the immune system, and Young girl tells Theresa May off over homeless Im very angry absolutely weaken your defenses.

Jane also learned about a variety of effective anti-fungal remedies, all of which are readily available without a prescription. Mostly the anti-fungals work by acidifying the vaginal mucosa. Occasionally this approach wont work; check with your holistically-oriented health provider.

Capryllic acid and undecynic acid are similarly derived naturally acidic compounds that have been encapsulated by a number of manufacturers for use by mouth, or as vaginal inserts. Boric acid works really well for many women, and is tdlls available and inexpensive. Yes, its the same stuff that can be used, diluted, as an eyewash, and full-strength homelsss kill cockroaches.

Most pharmacies carry boric acid powder.


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