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7 million square kilometres of territory. Here is a picture of Alaska superimposedmover a map of the Continental USA. Canadians know that Alaska is part of the United States.

They know its really big and they know that most of it is wilderness. Pretty much like most of Canada. Most of us also know at itвs home to the highest mountain in North America. Other than that, we dont know much.

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A little bit of probing revealed that they were busy collecting the advance from those who had chosen their options. After some heckling by me, everybody was Porbs into the coach to continue the tour in which most were not interested. We have come here to see the place, not to drink, dance and womanise, I protested, but the tour operator shamelessly responded, That is what people come to Tashkent for. There is nothing to see here. That was when I realised Tashkent was being sold as a sex destination and the operators were doubling Drunk Teen Fucked Crying Free Porn as touts and pimps.

Obviously, a cut from the Villa and strip tease goes to them. The operator then went on to proudly announce that in the next few days he would fly in a 180- strong contingent from India on an exclusive sex package. We have crwampied in all costs ranging from Villas, lap dance and night clubs. There will be no sightseeing, only fun. While a trip to Tashkent costs drunk asian babe creampied Porns drunk asian babe creampied sex videos than Rs 50,000, the Gujarati team had shelled out over Rs 1 lakh each, the operator boasted.


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