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During his lengthy recovery, an increasingly-frustrated Rollo has been bedridden and barely able to stand, much less walk. Siggy insists he not give up, saying she believes that he might still be useful. Before leaving, she places an axe within Rollo's sight.

Later, Horik shows the "King's Sword" to his son and tells him his plan. He explains that if even one member of the Lothbrok family survives, the day will come when he will rise again and destroy their family. They discreetly invade Kattegat, killing several soldiers quietly but a large battle ensues as Christmas Ecards alarm is raised and Ragnar's men realize they are under attack.

A bedridden (but Chrisfmas Rollo is confronted by Christmas E cards of Horik's soldiers and, despite being barely able to stand, he reaches Christmas E cards his axe that Siggy left for him and bravely fights them. In the episode Mercenary. Rollo travels with Ragnar's expedition to England to claim their land in Wessex from King Ecbert and to get away from Siggy. After Ragnar agrees to Ecbert's request to aid Princess Kwenthrith in her bid to rule Mercia, Rollo accompanies the joint Viking and Wessex force Ecardss battle.

In the episode The Wanderer. after participating in the first battle Christmas E cards King Brihtwulf. Rollo and Torstein consume some intoxicating mushrooms.

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Nur so wird diese Hingabe Christmas Ecards einem Ausdruck der Caritas ;5 deshalb ist der Christ in der Ehe dazu berufen, sie im Rahmen seiner eigenen, pers nlichen Beziehung zu Gott zu vollziehen als Ausdruck seines Glaubens und seiner Liebe zu Gott und folglich auch mit der Treue und der reichen Fruchtbarkeit, die Kennzeichen der g Chridtmas Liebe sind.

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