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The breast is a tissue that covers both male and female chest muscles. They are secondary sex characteristics and develop differently in males and females. When Female Bodybuilders Muscle Worship Free Sex Videos - Search adult clips about breasts people generally refer to those of the female. This is because they are an important part of breastfeeding and sexual pleasure.

Breasts vary in size, shape, and color from person to person. The breasts are among the secondary sex characteristics that distinguish females from males. On an adult woman, the breasts are tear-shaped structures made up of glandular, fatty, and fibrous tissues. The breasts are supported by and attached to the major chest muscle, the pectoralis major, by fibrous strands. A layer of fatty tissues that extend throughout the entire breast surrounds the breast glands.

These tissues are what give the breasts their soft consistency. The mammary glands within the breast Doctor Movies. Amateursex-x Tube what allow the female to secrete milk after pregnancy. The amount of glandular tissue present in the breast varies minimally from female to female, despite differences in breast size.

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